Hazarika, S and Dutta, S and Rao, P G (2008) Synthesis of chiral polymer by Mukaiyama alcohol polymerization and its characterization. J Polymer Materials, 25 (3). pp. 387-98.

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In this paper we have reported the synthesis of chiral polymer by asymmetric aldol polymerization of bis(silyl enol ether) and dialdehyde by Mukaiyama aldol reaction which is one of the most important aldol reaction for chiral polymer synthesis. We have studied the polymerization reaction in two different catalytic conditions such as by using a chiral catalyst viz. 1,1′-binaphthyl-2,′-diol (BINOL) which is modified by reacting it with diethyl zinc solution in hexane. Another catalyst used for the polymerization reaction is lipase, which is a triacylglycerol hydro lases; EC, belongs to a most popular group of enzyme and are used for chiral synthesis. A comparative study has also been made for the polymerization reaction in both the catalytic systems. The results obtained in various reaction conditions by changing amount of catalyst, monomer ratio etc. has also been discussed. The polymers were characterized by IR, NMR, GPC, TGA-DTA, specific rotation and circular dichrosm study and it was found that both catalytic conditions give the chiral polymer of approximately same enatioselectivity.

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