DEB , BISWAJIT and Borah, Bibek Jyoti and Sarmah, Bhaskar Jyoti and Das, Babulal and Dutta, D K (2009) Dicarbonylruthenium(II) complexes of diphosphine ligands and their catalytic activity. Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 12. pp. 868-871. ISSN 1387-7003

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The hexa-coordinated chelate complexes of the type [Ru(CO)2Cl2(P-P)](1a,b) [where P-P = 9,9-dimethyl- 4,5-bis(diphenylphosphino)xanthene(a) and [bis(2-diphenylphosphinophenyl)ether(b)] have been synthesized by reacting the polymeric precursor [Ru(CO)2Cl2]n with the ligands in 1:1 molar ratio. The complexes 1a,b are characterized by elemental analyses, Mass, IR and NMR spectroscopy together with the single crystal X-ray structure determination of 1a. The compound 1a crystallizes in a monoclinic system with space group C2/c showing a slightly distorted octahedral geometry around the Ru centre. The complexes 1a and 1b are thermally stable up to 300 �C and exhibit high catalytic activity in transfer hydrogenation of aldehyde and ketones to corresponding alcohols. The complexes 1a and 1b show much higher catalytic activity for the hydrogenation of aldehyde than ketones. In general, the catalytic efficiency of 1b is higher compared with 1a.

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