DUTTA , D K and CHUTIA , P and WOOLLINS , J D and SLAWIN , A M Z (2006) A new series of iodocarbonyl ruthenium (II) complexes with unsymmetrical phosphine-phosphine sulfide ligands of the type Ph2P(CH2)nP(S)Ph2, n = 1-4: Isolation and structural investigation. Inorganica chemica acta, 359. pp. 877-882.

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Hexa-coordinated chelate complex cis-[Ru(CO) 2I 2(P\S)] (1a){P\S=g 2-(P,S)-coordinated} and penta-coordinated non-chelate complexes cis-[Ru(CO) 2I 2(P$S)] (1b–d){P$S=g1-(P)-coordinated} are produced by the reaction of polymeric [Ru(CO) 2I 2] n with equimolar quantity of the ligands Ph 2P(CH 2) nP(S)Ph 2 {n=1(a),2(b),3(c),4(d)} in dichloromethane at room temperature. The bidentatenatureoftheligandainthecomplex1aleadstotheformationoffive-memberedchelateringwhichconfersextrastability tothecomplex.Ontheotherhand,1:2(Ru:L)molarratioreactionaffordsthehexa-coordinatednon-chelatecomplexescis,cis,trans[Ru(CO) 2I 2(P$S) 2](2a–d)irrespectiveoftheligands.Allthecomplexesshowtwoequallyintenseterminalm(CO)bandsintherange 2028–2103cm 1. Them(PS) band of complex 1a occurs 23cm 1 lower region compared to the corresponding free ligand suggesting chelation via metal–sulfur bond formation. X-ray crystallography reveals that the Ru(II) atom occupies the center of a slightly distortedoctahedralgeometry.Thecomplexeshavealsobeencharacterizedbyelementalanalysis, 1H, 13Cand 31PNMRspectroscopy.  2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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