BHARALI , P and SAIKIA , R and BARUAH , R K and GOSWAMI , R L (2004) A comparative study of thermal decomposition behaviour of Zn-Cr, Zn-Cr-Al and Zn-Al type layered double hydroxides. J Thermal Analysis Calorimetry, 78. pp. 831-838.

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Hydrolysis of ZnO in acidic pH provides a facile route for synthesis of layered double hydroxides (LDH)bearingZn2+withCr3+andAl3+withouthavingcarbonateionintheinter-layer position.The thermal decomposition of the prepared LDH show that with the increase of Cr3+ content in the systemthereisanincreaseinthethermalstability ofthecompounds.IncaseofZn–CrLDHthereis a non-mass loss transition around 420°C. Segregation of parent LDH structure to a bivalent oxide and a spineltakesplacein both Zn–Cr and Zn–Al LDH only at temperatures above 550°C

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