GOSWAMI , R L and BOSC , F and COT , D and A EL , MANSOURI and LOPEZ, M and MORATO , F and AYRAL , A (2004) Sol-Gel derived nanocomposites and nanoporous oxide powders and related coatings for the reversible chemisorption of hydrogen sulfide. J Sol-Gel Science & Technology, 29. pp. 97-105.

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t. Two types of nanocomposites and nanoporous powders and related coatings were prepared by the sol-gel route. These silica-based materials contain dispersed reactive oxides, ZnO and ZnCr2O4, respectively. ExperimentsevidencedtheirabilityofreversiblechemisorptionofH2SasZnS.Theirattractiveporouscharacteristics (smallporesize ∼2–2.5nm,highspecificsurfacearea∼900–1100m2·g−1,highporosity∼50–60%)arenotsignificantlymodifiedduringthesuccessivetreatmentsofH2Schemisorptionandoxideregeneration.Thesepreliminary results encourage to pursue this study which aims at the preparation of nanofilters for the desulfurization of gas mixtures.

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