DEB , N and BARUAH , S D and DASS , N N (2000) Synthesis, characterization and thermal decomposition of M1[M2(C2O4)2].xH2O (x=5 for M1=Co and x=4 for M1=Cd;M2=Ni. J Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 59. pp. 791-797.

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Cobalt bis(oxalato)nickelate pentahydrate, Co[Ni(C2O4)2]×5H2O and cadmium bis(oxalato)nickelate tetrahydrate, Cd[Ni(C2O4)2]×4H2O have been synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, reflectance and IR spectral studies. Thermal decomposition studies (TG, DTG and DTA ) in air showed that both the compound of cobalt and cadmium produced the oxide, MNiOx (x=3 for M=Co; x=2 for M=Cd ) at 325 and 360°C respectively. DSC studies in nitrogen attributed only the mixture of both the metal at the end.

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