CHALIHA, S and Borah, M N and Sarmah, P C and Rahman, A (2010) Study of Au, Ni-(n)ZnSe thin film Schottky barrier junctions. International J Thermophysics, 31. pp. 2030-2039.

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Schottky barrier junctions of Al-doped n-type Zinc selenide (ZnSe) thin films of doping concentrations up to 9.7×1014cm−3 have been fabricated with Au and Ni electrodes on glass substrates by sequential thermal evaporation. All of the junctions of different doping concentrations exhibited rectifying current-voltage characteristics with a non-saturating reverse current. From the current-voltage characteristics, the different junction parameters such as ideality factor, saturation current density, series resistance, etc., were measured. Both types of junctions were found to possess a high ideality factor and a high series resistance. The barrier heights of the junctions were measured from Richardson plots and found to be around 0.8 eV. The structures were found to exhibit a poor photovoltaic effect with a fill factor not greater than 0.4. The diode quality as well as the photovoltaic performance of the diodes were improved following a short heat treatment in vacuum.

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Subjects: Physics > Electronics
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Date Deposited: 27 Dec 2011 05:48
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