SIVAKUMAR, V and POORNA, P R and RAO, P G and RAMABRAHMAM, B V and SWAMINATHAN, G Power ultrasound in fatliquor preparation based on vegetable oil for leather application. Journal of Cleaner Production, 16 (4). pp. 549-553.

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In recent years, power ultrasound has taken a significant place in chemical and physical activities of the process industries as an effective and non-polluting method of activation. Oil in water emulsions known as fatliquors are used for the lubrication of tanned leather fibres to get softness and also to improve the strength properties. In the present study, ultrasound has been used as a tool for the preparation of fatliquor emulsion for application in leather fatliquoring process. An emulsion is a fine dispersion of one liquid in another liquid. Sulphation is one of the common methods followed to prepare fatliquor emulsion where sulphuric acid is used. In the conventional process, emulsifying agent is also added to increase the stability of oil in water emulsions. The emulsifying agents generally used are chemicals or metal soaps. The potential use of ultrasound in the preparation of stable oil in water emulsions dispensing with sulphation process and with the minimum use of emulsifying agent has been studied and reported in this paper. This process enjoys the benefit of less pollution load in the form of chemical entities. The studies included the effect of process parameters such as ultrasonic output power and amount of oil used. Fatliquor emulsion prepared using ultrasound has been applied in leather fatliquoring process and the strength properties of the leathers were assessed. Emulsion particle size, which is another important parameter for diffusion through leather, has been measured using Laser Diffraction Technique. The stability of the ultrasonically prepared fatliquor emulsion has been found to be good. The results indicate that ultrasound could be effectively utilized in the preparation of non-ionic fatliquor emulsion eliminating sulphuric acid and impart required properties in leather.

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