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Borthakur, M G and Gogoi, Shyamalee and Dutta, Mandakini and Boruah, R C A facile threecomponent solid phase synthesis of steroidal Aring fused pyrimidines under microwave irradiation. Steroids, 74. pp. 730-734. ISSN 0039128X


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Unni, B G and Das , S and BHATTACHARJEE, M and BARUAH, P K and Hazarika, R and Sahu, O P and Rao, P G Impact of environmental pollution on human health : Epidemiological and biochemical studies. In: National Conf. on Interface of Science and environment : Emerging public health challenges, 24-26 Nov. Kolkota, Published in J Cell and Tissue Research, Ed by Prof. S Choudhuri, 24-26 November 2011, Kolkota.

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